Monday, May 2, 2011


There are a lot of changes going on here at ACC, soon to be Point University (like this one)... The school is changing locations to West Point Georgia in Fall 2012. There are more changes; this one deals more with me and my personal life. I am changing my major!!! again... I was originally undecided, then humanities, then counseling, and now.... (drum role).... I am switching to Early Childhood Education! Being a teacher was always at the bottom of my list, and of course God shows me a sign that this is the path that he wants me to choose. Everything is fine, the changes are being made. I still have to switch my schedule around and sign up for the correct classes. Because I am almost a junior and am just now switching over to the ECE program, I am a little behind. I will be at Point University for a another year! I am actually really excited about it! Now I have an excuse to stay here. haha

It is never to late to change your major. Do what God is calling you to do, whether it be working in a church, being a school teacher, or picking up trash. Be confident in who you are, but most importantly, remind yourself daily that God has your back! He will provide. You can't go wrong if you are doing what the Lord calls you to do.

Good Luck!!!

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