Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Professionalism and Oh-My-Goodness-Finals

I'm a student worker and on Tuesday nights from... now to 11:00, I work in the library in the Educational Resource Center. It's super legit, by which I mean I get to sit behind a desk, and answer questions and all kinds of awesomeness. No one has ever told the student workers, "Look, you need to dress up for this," but I've always assumed that a level of professionalism would be appropriate.

What does professionalism look like? I'm glad you asked, blog readers.

A professional would NEVER walk into the library barefoot with her shoes in her backback because they're leather and it's raining.

She'd be able to balance a takeout container AND a drink AND an umbrella WITHOUT spilling her sweet tea all down her arm and her shirt and her skirt.

A true professional would NEVER get caught in the rain and come in to work looking somewhat like a drowned rat.

Basically? I'm not a professional anything. :)

School is racing to a close, finals are looming, majors are changing, and nothing is the way I thought it was. Life would be easier if I were still in high school, when everything looked clear cut and simple, but it would be an illusion. I prefer the struggle--sweet tea and all.


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