Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why, hello blog. Shall I introduce myself?

Let me just start off with saying this: you may (or may not) like the way I write. I am very stream of conciousness, and what I start with may not be what I end with. I make nerdy jokes, and like using metaphors. So, if you don't like dorky jokes, and kinda awkwardly worded metaphors that make you go "huh?"; just go on to the next post.

...are you still there? Good.

Well, where to name is Will, and I am a sophomore at Point. I am a Biblical Studies major, with a minor on Youth and Family ministry...well....mainly the youth ministry part. I love the Christian calendar (much like fellow student Elizabeth). I also am "heir to the throne" of my father's pet store in Charelston, and rather enjoy the "thrill of the hunt" when it comes to making a sale. I also am a photo-nerd, so if you need any photo services, or want to go on a photo know who to find. I am a technology guru, and am usually always connected somehow to the internet. I like the "southern way of life" - and cook like I do (I mean, who else do you know that would make shrimp and grits from scratch, for no real reason other than "I want to cook"?).

Life so far this semester has been rather busy. Not just a little extra work here and there, but rather the type of busy where I have to check my Google calendar if someone asks me to dinner to make sure it doesn't over lap with...
  • SGA event
  • Class
  • My off-campus job
  • My on-campus job
  • the youth group I volunteer with in Buckhead
  • Non-SGA events that are general school events
So yeah, my calendar looks like someone took five or six crayons, stuck them in a blender, then poured the resulting shreds of color onto paper. But, there have been some benefits to being busy these past couple of months, mainly the cool events I've gotten to help with and go on...
Jamie-Grace at her CD release party
  • the CD release party for Jamie-Grace where I got to work the merchandise table and show off my mad sales 'skillz' as they say...
  • I got to be a part of the improv night that SGA held right after school got into session...
  • The guys in the house I'm living in (the Redmon House) have established "family dinners" where we go to dinner, and form community. Like a listening post ... on steroids.
  • I helped plan a surprise birthday ambush on my CLM from last year for his 21st birthday - which included running a home-made cake through an on and off rainstorm from one end of campus to the other, since we didn't realize it would be raining.
  • Got to help with LINK in June, and then orientation in early August...
  • Helped another friends mom plan a surprise party for said friend on campus...
But the best part so far? Making so many close relationships with people - which is part of what Point is about, right?

'Til later

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