Thursday, October 13, 2011

Home Sweet Point!!

This year for Fall Break like every other year I went home to spend time with my family in Savannah, Ga, where I am from. I realized this trip home that there is always something weird about going home. Not that I don't love going home and seeing my family, but I realized that I don't really any friends in Savannah anymore. All my friends have either gone else where to school or something else. When I'm home I get a home sick feeling, especially when home for the Summer or Christmas Break. It's like Point has become my home away from home and it is, because of the friendships I've developed the two almost three years I have been here at Point University. I remember coming to Point when it was Atlanta Christian College, scared that I wouldn't make friends as easily as I do back home and worried about how my classes and professors where going to be. The weird thing is, is that I didn't really miss home at all, in fact I had forgotten to call my mom the whole second week on being here and she called me to make sure i was still alive. I was having so much fun and learning so much that I had forgotten about home and about my fears and worries. God has truly blessed me with the most wonderful relationships and I know that they will last a lifetime. Being at Point University has made the vision of the person I want to be more than just a vision, but a future and something with in reach.

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