Thursday, October 13, 2011

It’s the raisins that make the raisin bran so great!

Lori is my name. I once did a skit about how “It’s the raisins that make the raisin bran so great!” (Maybe one day, I can post it for you). 5 foot, 3 inches, and some change to spare in height. I am engaged to a sweet man (I just had to throw that one in!). I love to sing and lead worship. I love my job helping people figure out what they want to do with their lives. I have two fish (Lucy and Ethel) and a dog (Chico). My favorite show in the world is I Love Lucy. Most importantly, I am a senior at Point University!!! In a nutshell, that is me.

Now that we are done with the “formal” introduction, I have to tell of the fabulous fall break we just had, my last fall break in college. Sad. Every year around this time, as the leaves are changing to beautiful colors and the wind begins to pick up, Point University gives students two days off from classes to enjoy the wonderful season God has created for us. For most students, this is a time of not only having fun, but also trying to catch up on some homework that you have been avoiding, as was my case. Realizing the limited amount of time that I had to completely compose one of my writing assignments, I jumped into “school mode.” This “mode” placed me in Starbucks for six hours straight, writing until I had seven complete pages. Happy that I just got the paper over within one afternoon, it was now time for some fun! With the crisp air, the scent of burning leaves, and everyone drinking hot chocolate, there was one activity that was calling my name: a corn maze! What better people to do it with than with two of my roommates and my fiancé. After a hay ride, defeating the corn maze, gaining knowledge on honeybees, and buying baby pumpkins for my nieces and nephews, I was exhausted and ready to curl up on the couch and watch some television.

After four days away from school, I was ready to be back at Point University! This time away from my home made me realize once again, that while I enjoy time off from school, there is no place like home at Point University! Here is to rest of the semester!

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