Sunday, October 16, 2011


Hello everyone! Since this is my first time blogging, I guess I’ll introduce myself. I’m Alicia, a junior at Point University. I was so indecisive in picking a major that I have a crazy combination of music, children’s ministry, and biblical studies, but it’s perfect for me. I know it’s cliché, but I couldn’t imagine being anywhere besides Point. It’s become my home, and its people are my family. The community here is the kind that surrounds you with encouragement and love, lifts you up when you are broken, and celebrates with you when you succeed.

I live on campus and wouldn't trade that experience for anything. There’s always something to do and people to hang out with. This week especially has been a lot of fun! Thursday night, we had a campus wide game of capture the flag. We were supposed to pick a team (Student Government Association or the Campus Life Ministers). It was a close game with lots of sneaking, hiding, and protecting our sacred flag. SGA won (my team of course!), but I think everyone had fun.

After the game, we walked back to the dorm thinking we might actually go to bed early for a change…we should have known better! Some of my favorite memories here are the spontaneous, spur of the moment, crazy ideas that we come up with. We were all hanging out in my friend's room, and someone jokingly said, “Let’s have a sleepover!” It was already about 1 o’clock, but of course it sounded like a great idea! We all ran to get into our PJ’s and pulled mattresses, blankets, and pillows into a fairly small dorm room. There were 4 mattresses and 7 of us girls, rather crowded! We took silly pictures, giggled like little girls, and just had a really fun night together! Whether it’s a spontaneous trip to Dwarf House, a bonfire on a Friday night, piling into a van to go get lost trying to find something in Atlanta, or an old-school sleepover, I’ve learned that sometimes the greatest moments are the ones you don’t expect or plan for but just enjoy as they come! J

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