Saturday, October 15, 2011

D Group!

D Group is another opportunity given to students to grow more spiritually. My D Group has been meeting since last fall. There are about 8 of us girls in the group that meet about every week. Our leaders Sarah and Bethany like to plan fun events for all of us to maybe get off campus and do something exciting. We have our famous taco nights at Bethany’s house provided by her extremely nice husband. Lucky us, taco night was this weekend! Bethany’s husband, Chad is so kind and loves to cook our group treats. On top of eating delicious tacos, we did an arts and crafts project together. As you can see in the picture, we made cute baby pumpkins. Before the pumpkin designing took place, Chad took us on a hay ride around the neighborhood. Might I add, the trailer was being pulled by an FJ Cruiser. We are not that redneck HA.

D Group is such a great addition to my jam packed week days. I love my friends and mentors that truly care about me!

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