Monday, November 14, 2011

SNL Fall Retreat

This weekend, along with 18 other students from
Point, I went on the Sunday Night Live Fall Retreat. Sunday Night Live is a weekly student-led worship service on campus. We went to Sweetwater, Tennessee to The Lost Sea Adventure, a cave and underground lake.

We spent the night in the cave after taking a ride on a glass bottom boat on the largest underground lake in America. It is filled with 2-foot long rainbow trout. While our guide, Collin, was feeding the fish, Point student Twana was running her hand through the water. One of the fish bit her finger and made it bleed!

We explored the cave and squeezed through little tunnels and cracks in the wet, red clay mud. It was definitely a team effort to get everyone through all of the tunnels. Each part we explored had a fitting name, like The Grinder or Misery.On Saturday we went to Coolidge Park in Chattanooga and had a cook out. We played Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee, and had a lot of fun in a hammock!

I love doing things that I have never done before. At Point that happens all the time!!

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