Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My student worker position on campus is in the Educational Resource center: I teach freshmen how to write decent papers and I edit papers for people who already KNOW how to write. It is, in my opinion, one of the best jobs on campus. I'm aware this isn't a common thing for people who are working to help pay their way though college: plenty of my friends work jobs that are decent but not super enjoyable--there comes a point where you need a job and there just so happens to be a job open in the caf washing dishes. Nothing against dish washing (I do plenty of it; my apartment doesn't have a dishwasher) but it is not exactly exciting. So. I say all that to say that my job is actually very enjoyable. I am doing something I love (and can maybe even see myself doing long term). This means that I am blessed.

Tonight, however, is not ideal. I've got sinus congestion. My head hurts. In the words of the High School Musical song, my head is NOT "in the game." My mind is a million miles away from here. I was dreading coming into work tonight and, when 7:00 rolled around and the football players did not, I was relieved. But suspicious. I walked down from my office to the scheduling center. Lo and behold (and I truly believe this was a blessing from God), study hall has been cancelled.

This is small. This is simple. But this is an example of the overarching lesson God has been teaching me lately. He is in control. He takes care of me. He gives me what I need and even when my life is going crazy, he provides good things. My life is full of good things and I couldn't be more grateful.


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