Sunday, January 22, 2012

Home again, home again

I've been back at Point for two weeks as of today, and it feels like forever - but in a good way! I feel like I never left, and that's one of my favorite things of being here.

This past week was wonderful: Tuesday, I cooked dinner for ten of my close friends at my girlfriends apartment, Wednesday I had dinner at one of the families who live on campus' house, Friday night we (my girlfriend and I) went for frozen yogurt at Yoforia in midtown by Ga. Tech (we managed to not get lost...too badly), and then Saturday I went and had a great time on a double date with one of my housemates and his girlfriend in Ye Ol' Stockbridge.

But anyways, on a more serious front: the semester has kicked off, and things are so far, going according to plan: in love with my courses, and more so that I only have one 10:30 class on M/W/F. SGA has had a successful election, and I'm seeing the big picture of things which are exciting to think about in regards to all the awesome things that our God is doing in our lives as Point University.

I'm realizing more and more, how all of the little things tend to work together and create one massive awesome thing that happens in the end to surprise you. Knowing that God has control, and is doing what's right for you in the long run is a comfort to this college student who works two jobs, volunteers, and goes to class.

So here's to an awesome semester, and I'll catch ya later.


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