Saturday, February 11, 2012

Being still.

Without a doubt, the Spring semester seems to be far more fast-paced. For one, there are fewer breaks. In the fall we have Fall break, Thanksgiving break, and right at the end we have a Winter Break. In the Spring we just have Spring break. That's it.

Now, I'm saying this but I don't mean it in a bad way. There are far more events all bundled up together. For example, it is only February and we have already had an Improv Night, Manhunt, a Big Bang Theory Party, Superbowl Party, Throwback dance night, Movie Outings, Swamp People marathon, plenty of exciting Basketball games (with Baseball and Softball starting up soon!) and many more on the horizon.

In all this excitement - and in all the assortment of tests and papers, it is difficult to step back and find a moments peace.

It's also difficult when we hear so many chapel messages regarding "renewing and restoring" and have little time to let that sink in, or to put into practice. This semester, I've heard some really great sermons so far and as soon as the speaker is done, I run out of chapel as quickly as possible because I have to wait approximately 10 minutes in line, which leaves me with 15 minutes to eat before I head off to my 1:00PM Geography class.

I've had to remind myself a lot lately that sometimes allowing the Lord to speak to your heart means being still, and that is not so easy sometimes.

Sure, outings and events are fun, and sure Fried Chicken is good, but it is no substitute for the things that make your heart grow and your soul stretch. And if there's something that I'm learning more and more, it's that sometimes in order to be an agent of restoration we must first pause to allow ourselves and God time to be restored.

I'm thankful to be in a place that values things like fun events, but I'm more thankful to be in a place that challenges me to grow - with so many people I can go to and be assured to help me along in that process. So today, after I finish this essay (if I ever stop procrastinating) I am going to drink tea, play some music, and be still.

Because that's what is needed sometimes: to be still.

- Rebecca

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