Saturday, March 24, 2012


Since the Spring of 2009, Point University has had the traditional event called, "DORM WARS." This is a week long campus wide event that starts on a Sunday night and lasts til Thursday night. during which each dorm competes with each other in daily events to be named, "DORM WARS CHAMPIONS." Every year that I have been at Point, I have always looked forward to DORM WARS, it is literally one of my favorite things that goes on at school. This year however was my last DORM WARS considering that I will be graduating in December of 2012. Also this year I was given the amazing privilege, along with other students in the Recreational Leadership class to run and design this year's DORM WARS. This was great because not only was this my last DORM WARS, but it was the first year of DORM WARS for Point. It was very encouraging to see all the new students get involved in the events and to see my class work together to make this DORM WARS great. Since I live in the Women's Apartments, my team color was purple and our team name was, "Team Shut It Down!" Even though we were a rather small group we had a great time this year participating in DORM WARS. I will truly miss this particular practice of Point University, I have enjoyed every year and every minute of it!!

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