Thursday, March 22, 2012


Flip My Burger, Trashcan Ball, Mega Relay, and Messy Tug-a-War are all a part of the craziness we know around here as Dorm Wars. It's one of my favorite things about Spring Semester. When asked to describe it, I usually say it's like field day on steroids. For one week, dorm is pitted against dorm to compete in events and see which dorm is truly the best and deserving of the coveted Golden Toilet trophy. We all have a team color and get to pick a song to generate a sense of pride in our team. Lower Head(the dorm I live in) is the Turquoise team, and Wobble is our song, complete with a really cool dance! Every day at lunch and at night, we all come together with painted war faces and decorated T-shirts to get a little crazy and have some fun!
One of my favorite parts of Dorm Wars is ironically the unity it brings to our campus, despite all the competition. Within our dorm, it brings together every girl, whether a nerd, musician, or athlete. Someone you may not have talked to all year is out there as your teammate, cheering, dancing, and singing with you as if you'd been best friends your whole life. Tonight is the Mega Relay, the final portion of this week. This is the determining factor of who will win it all! Win or lose, it's been a fun week and I'm proud of my girls, but I'm gonna cheer with all my heart for Lower Head to come out on top!

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