Friday, April 27, 2012


In 9 days I will be leaving to spend a little over 2 months in San Jose and Curia, Ecuador. Next Sunday I will fly to Ecuador with a group from Georgia Tech's CCF and spend two weeks serving with them, building a bamboo bridge, running sports camp, and teaching computer classes, using computers donated by Point University. Point student Tyler Blount will also be coming! When the Georgia Tech group leaves I will stay behind and over the course of the summer I will work in the local schools, put on Vacation Bible Schools, serve in the church, and do whatever else is needed. I am so excited about the opportunity to go and just be available to be used by God to do whatever is needed! SNL or Sunday Night Live, the student-led Sunday Night Worship service at Point, sponsored a clothes drive to collect clothes for me to take for the people in San Jose and Curia. We had a competition between the boys and the girls. The girls brought the most clothes and won a free dinner before SNL last week. I am amazed at the clothes! My car cannot hold all of them! Point has already had a huge impact on the people in San Jose and Curia. In June, Point Professor Alan Kemper and his family are coming to live near me in Ecuador for a month. They will be scouting out missions opportunities for Point students to serve in Ecuador next summer and gain class credit at the same time. As Christians, every part of our lives should be missions. Point is so great at encouraging this, through clothes drives, computer donations, and even summer mission trips.

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