Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Bible Study So Great They Named the School After It!

Well maybe not, but we like to say it is! My freshmen year, a woman's Bible Study was started called Exclamation Point. It was once a month and offered a time for the women of our campus to come together in fellowship and be encouraged to live bold lives for Christ. Over the years, the name was altered and became The Point. Soon afterwards, the school announced that Atlanta Christian College was becoming Point University, for reasons completely unrelated to our Bible Study, regardless of the amazing ministry it had offered. History lesson aside, this past Thursday was our last ever The Point on our East Point campus. I have had the huge blessing of being on the leadership team for this ministry, and I was so excited to see so many girls come out! We had ice cream sundaes and gathered in McKinney's Coffehouse to hear from Lindsey Fifield. Lindsey has worked on a college campus for about ten years and has seen many girls our age go through a lot. She wanted to share some of the wisdom she has gathered over the years. Personally, she has been one of the biggest mentors in my life. She lives on campus with her husband and adorable son, who I have the privilege of babysitting almost everyday. Over the years, she has helped me through so much and taught me so much about life. She also works to help develop the girl Campus Life Ministers(CLMS), which are similar to Resident Assistants in other schools. In our meetings each week, we have been sharing our life rules.. It was only fitting that this night she shared three of her life rules. She encouraged us not to stress over our futures and realize that the only choices that will permanently alter the course of our lives are getting married and having a baby. Secondly, she reminded us that relationships are and should be the greatest gift we will ever receive and that they shouldn't have to be so difficult or require so much fighting to make work. Finally, she challenged us to value others and help others see their value. The whole night was incredible, and I think we all benefited from what Lindsey had to share! I'm excited to see how The Point will continue-West Point edition! :)

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