Wednesday, May 9, 2012


What would you say comprises your existence at this very moment? Is it your money, status, education or job? If you said any of these than you were correct, your current position is life is a result of your decisions. Wherever you are in life is a result of cumulative decisions you have made thus far. We rise and fall based on our decisions. How we respond to life impacts our circumstances in a positive or negative way. More importantly, there are some qualities needed to become a good decision maker in life. The first one is principle. Principles can be defined as core values, code of conduct, ideology or morality. Core values anchor your thinking and giving you clear understanding of right and wrong. As image bearers it is our greatest responsibility to live a life that reflects God; He gave us dominion. We are to express the image of God with a sense of purpose. People fail to realize that when you lack a sense of purpose in your life it gives birth to bad choices. We should put forth the effort to make choices that are in line with God’s agenda. As you strive to do the will of God there will be hard decisions and sacrifices. All of these things will correlate and create your sense of purpose. If you do not understand the purpose of something you will abuse it. Having a sense of purpose allows you to prioritize who and what you should put first. Things can either cloud or clarify your decisions. Your past is your greatest tool in prioritizing your life. You can make a decision based on your past. Sometimes we are ashamed of our past but we should be proud of our checkered past. The past can strengthen you and make you become wiser. The dichotomy of your past is that you can linger in it too long. You can only rest on your past laurels for so long. It can get old listening to someone telling the same, sad story over and over again. Don’t get comfortable telling the same old story—let God give you a new one. I’ve come to point in my life where it is time for God to give me a new story. As a member of the class of 2012, the time has come for me to bid Point University farewell. I hope my fellow classmates will take these words into consideration on your journey in life. But no matter where I go in life, I will always remember to POINT others to Christ. Thank you all Respectfully, Natasha Alleyne

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Alonzo Berry said...

Thanks Natasha, this was a good article.