Monday, May 7, 2012


By: A.S.B. Jr.
Edited By: Kamilah Veone Smith

Luke 21: 19
Stand firm, and you will win life.

While in my 4th and 5th grades years in elementary and middle school I rode on “the short bus.” I didn’t go to the nearest school to my house because I was bused to a remedial school, I had troubles hearing and learning on the same level as “normal” children. I had to wear a hearing aid and sit in a kowtow manner in the front of the class. These circumstances made me a target for ridicule. Hanging with “average” students was hard because some acted very callous. I got teased because of my big ears which didn’t make my life any easier; I had learned not to hold grudges and to try making peace with everyone which made those same people respect me later on. We all have learned to grow up and be able to survive under certain pressures life throws at us. With your different talents and capabilities that God has given provided you can overcome extreme obstacles. I am for certain most of us in our past have felt in some way unpopular. Most of the greatest people who have walked this earth in their time were unpopular: Abraham Lincoln, Vincent Van Gogh, Ulysses S. Grant, Dr. Martin L. King Jr., Paul L. Dumbar, Moses, and Jesus the Christ to list a few. These people may or may not have seen their impact while they were living, but yet they made a huge impact in the world.

Choosing to be unpopular is relatively easy but has consequences. Being hated, disliked, and rebuked are a few examples. Some of the post-modern things that have been noted as being un-popular are as follows: taking the time to listen to anybody, following directions, remaining quiet at times, encouraging others, enjoying life, not having sex until marriage (that includes oral sex), reading for fun, writing for fun, thinking positive thoughts, refusing to lie, living healthy, arriving on-time, spending time with family, challenging yourself to go beyond your boundaries in a positive manner, defending peaceful situations, being open for constructive criticism, learning from the mistakes of others, being creative and also being ready to fail at times. Please note that even I am working on some of these things myself. Jesus is telling His disciples in Luke chapter 16 to stand firm in the fight for life while living day by day, because in the end you will be judged by wither you associated with God or the devil. It’s not hard to be unpopular, just follow Jesus’ ways and it’s a sure thing.

Love you much.

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