Monday, December 17, 2012

Are you Looking Forward to Winter Break?

It is one of the most anticipated breaks of the year. No it is not summer, but you are close. It is winter!! Yes!! What a way to relax after Finals week. Before I can dance and throw a parade, I would like to give you a recap of my life at Point.
Point University finally moved to the “Promise Land” aka West Point, Georgia. I cannot lie, I miss East Point. Not so much the campus but the location. The campus was 10 minutes from Atlanta, Georgia and had the convenience of malls, restaurants, and entertainment. Do not get me wrong, Valley and West Point folks are really welcoming. That was the best part of moving from a big city to a small town. Now let’s talk about the campus. The new campus is a complete upgrade from the old. I remember the first day of school I got lost in the new 507 building and I kept running around like a hamster on a wheel trying to find my classes. This semester, I enjoyed watching people “studying” by drawing and writing on the dry erase walls, students sleeping on the comfortable couch/desk, and hovering around the flat screen televisions that displayed on each floor. There are other parts of the buildings I enjoyed as well such as classrooms being equipped with efficient audible and video equipment, thermostats for the air conditioning and heating, and comfortable chairs and desk. I believe that the greatest upgrade is the Point Living Community. The apartments are much bigger and up to date and the Point Living Community has a pool. I often wonder do the Access students at the old campus have the luxury or will have the luxury of a campus upgrade. I hope they do! Now back to the more interesting things of Winter Break!
Ahhh the joy of winter!! The awesome winter clothes you get to pull out and wear. You know those comfy sweaters, boots, fabulous peat coats, and awesome scarves. Let the, Christmas songs blasting through speakers, people sneezing and coughing, a new year, and surprises of engagements begin!
Winter break is bittersweet. The joy of knowing that you have a whole month to do whatever you want except for homework. For others, it may be leaving Point University behind and applying to jobs or graduate schools. I on the other hand, will be traveling back home Los Angeles, California!
I know Los Angeles, California? I get that question probably a million times. Yes, I am from the place where palm trees and 60 degree weather is the norm. Many of my friends from Georgia think it is a vacation yet, an opportunity to catch up with old friends, enjoying family, reading books that are not required for class PTL (Praise the Lord). What I look forward to the most on my winter break is being able to start the next year and the next semester with a new mindset of service. This winter break will allow me to truly understand that yes, it may be a season to be jolly, but what about the people who are spending their winter in a home of chaos, homelessness, no food, friendlessness, and no family? What am I going to do about that? This winter break will allow me to put my faith into action and serve people who are in need. This is a complete turn-around because I remember spending my break thinking about all me.
Well this is my Point Life in a nutshell!
-Shani P.

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