Monday, December 17, 2012

Coffee, Coffee, and More Coffee: Preparing for Finals Week.

                We have all felt the stress of the week filled with big tests or those huge papers we have coming up - or sometimes, the one we forget about until the night before. Somehow, the week before finals always seems to be that week. Professors pile papers, quizzes, tests, and presentations on top of one another and expect us to stay sane! But somehow, it has to be done. And when that time comes, college students become classified by their all-nighters, study-sessions, and millions of cups of coffee.

                Here at Point, finals week seems to be a week of Zombie students. This dreaded week is approaching quickly, and the only reaction is more stress! (as if there isn’t already enough). In the past, at our East Point campus, there were plenty of hang-out places to get students off campus and in a new environment for some fresh focus. The most popular was our 24-hour Chick-Fil-a only a few miles away. This was a comfortable place where Point students were recognized, and of course, it’s Chick-Fil-a! Who could ask for better, cheaper, food? Our other most common haven for studying was (my favorite) Starbucks. It’s a calm, quiet, comfy study area, and of course, it’s filled with fresh coffee aromas and new indie music. Somehow, coffee and Chicken Biscuits seemed to be the essentials for finals week.

                The move to West Point proved new and exciting, but also required some exploring to find the best “study spots”.  The best thing about bringing a University to a small town? Everyone wants to give you a discount! My favorite so far? The 10% off at Waffle House, which is only a mile away from our apartments and is one of the best places to study. Everywhere in town seems to be willing to love on Point students and cut some money off our bill! We all know college students on a budget need as many discounts as we can get J

                So there isn’t a 24-hour chicken haven, or a salted caramel mocha only a few miles away. Instead, there have been several restaurants to open up in response to our presence, and even some to offer discounts. They’re greatly appreciated, and will be getting a ton of my business in the next few weeks!

                Students, get your Caffeine IV’s ready…finals week is coming!

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