Monday, January 28, 2013

Thoughts on a Monday Morning.

Click, click, click. The sound of my fingers beating down on the keyboard. Click, click, click. The sound of processes being run at work.The sound of homework being typed. The sound of wasting time on facebook. The sound of chatting with friends. The sound of writing this blog post.

I am here early in the office on a Monday, and everyone else seems to have a late day, and so I'm left to think and look back on so many good memories. Sometimes, looking back can really break your neck though, and it's hard to move forward when you're paralyzed.

I'm saying this because I am graduating in a few short months. I am leaving the little home I have made up for myself and venturing out into a completely new, scary, and beautiful world. (Did I emphasize "scary" enough there?)

I often post many pictures that capture my good memories, but today, the pictures speed through my head. And even though I'll be leaving it all behind, I know that I'll always have it with me. I have had an amazing experience at Point, and this semester is still so young so I have plenty more memories to make!

To the reader: if you are in high school, at another college, or at somewhere else in the road of life, let me offer some advice: smile at the good times, but don't forget to look ahead at those to come. I know sometimes your plans fall through, and sometimes you don't even HAVE plans and you wonder, and pray, and maybe mutter under your breath, "what next?"

But never mind that for now. And just live.

People always used to tell me that College would fly by, and when I was in the middle of studying for a Biology test it seemed as if it couldn't fly by fast enough. But it does. And those are the moments that life is made of.

So smile, and enjoy it. And get ready for what is to come. Because even if nothnig else is certain, this one thing is: that the good Lord has a plan in the midst of it all and he won't leave us to fend for ourselves.

- Rebecca

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