Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Feastin’ it up!

Hello everyone I hope all is well and as for me last night was a heck of a night! Yesterday Feast had a party, not the kind of party where there is drugs and alcohol, but it was more about community and getting close to one another. The party started early at 9:30 and there was live music, food, and my favorite… coffee! Everyone was enjoying each other and mingling with one another and having a blast because that is what college students do- to have fun. The event went on for two hours and in between those hours we laughed at one another and threw grapes at each other until eventually one of us gets hit in the eye… yes I did hit someone in the eye with a grape I’m not proud of it but the person just laughed it off and so I joined with her I mean what else could I have done? And that was part of the reasons why my night was awesome. I can’t forget about MLK! What a phenomenal man he was. He spoke of non-violent ways to create a society of equality that stirred many people's hearts. My heart was pounding with joy as I heard Martin Luther King’s name being mentioned and yesterday was the day that America did Rise up! Sadly, my Atlanta Falcons did not rise up but that is a different story to tell.

Peace out!

-          - Matias

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