Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Spring is Here!

            In the recent weeks, the weather has been teasing us here in the Valley, it’s been hot and cold, sunny and rainy, and the warm weather just can’t seem to make up its mind. However, with the slow start of spring weather, some of our favorite spring activities are starting to become more common. Baseball games, lake days, and bonfire nights…spring, here we come!
            The baseball field in West Point has been in process of being built for what seems like quite a long time now, and finally today we host our first home game! This is getting all of our students itchy for the long days, peanuts, and bleachers that come ahead with the promise of spring. Our Skyhawk baseball team will be taking on the University of Pikeville Friday, February 8th, at 3pm and at 6pm and Saturday, February 9th at 3pm. This will be the team’s first set of home games. Come out and support your Skyhawks!
            If baseball isn’t your thing, there are an array of spring things that can be done here in West Point and Valley. West Point Lake is another popular place to find Point students on a sunny, warm day this spring. Grab a Subway 6-inch, roll down the windows, crank up the tunes and head to the lake! Or for even more fun, find a local camp ground, pick a weekend, take some hammocks and go! There are countless places to explore, get lost, and make memories!
            If you’re looking for something to do around campus, once that warm weather gets here to stay, you’re sure to hear about Screen on the Green, a gathering of students on a huge field, with a movie played and snacks! Bonfires are another popular event on the list of spring events!
            No matter what you love, there is always something to do around campus! So here’s to flowers blooming, and sun shining! 


Exodus 14:14

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