Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring is Here, and Summer is Near!!

Hey yall! The last time I blogged, I talked about the relocation of Point University and was bragging about all the upgrades. Most recently, I wrote about my awesome Winter break. I need to catch you up on everything!
There is less than a month of school left in the spring semester!! Time really flies when you are having fun. In January, I met some really cool new people.  In addition, two students that were a part of City of Refuge now attend Point University. I am so excited that they chose to go to college at Point University. I hope that they really enjoy Point and gain lasting memories and friendships.

This is what is going at the school!! Point University had its first Black History Month Celebration in February. Next, we heard the news that Tuition and Fees are not increasing for the 2013-2014 academic year. Also, the annual Spring Formal is approaching. Personally, I believe that this academic year has been the most fun because there are a lot more activities and opportunities for students to get involved in on campus. I also believe that finally students have stopped complaining about  there being nothing to do and they are now starting to come up with different events to attend or plan. Why wait for someone else to develop a club, organization, or event when you can simply walk down to Student Life and ask them to help you with creating your own on campus activities. But enough about this semester let’s talk about summer!!
Since school is going to be ending soon many students will have already scheduled activities for the summer.  I believe that summer is the greatest opportunity to explore your different areas of careers and callings. One way you can explore your calling is to try to volunteer or find an internship. You may ask internship? Volunteer? Is it paid? Not all of them!! To be honest internships and volunteering are not all about the money. I found that out when I gave up my summer of soaking in the sun in order to help at risk youth at City of Refuge.  Believe me I would not exchange the real world experiences and the lives I have impacted for any money in the world. This summer I plan on giving up this summer for the same purpose. I am not trying to condemn anyone who would rather work than do an intern or volunteer, I am just trying to have you consider opportunities that can stretch you beyond yourself. So what are you doing this summer?

Summer 2012. The youth from the City of Refuge. I am the one with the purse!! I look like a teen, right?

-Shani P

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