Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring is Finally Here!

Spring is finally here! You want to know what that means? SPRING FORMAL!! Callaway Gardens may have been the best place possible to teach people how to dougie! The atmosphere there was so awesome! It was outside on a cool night, so it felt fantastic for us guys in suits, but a little chilly for those girls. There was great scenery there inside and outside of the building. The food and drinks were located inside the building just a short walk from the dance floor where people are popping, locking, and dropping! The dance floor was on a type of patio, so it was a great place to do the cupid shuffle. They had some delicious chicken fingers and mini-cheeseburgers, but the desserts there were to die for. They had some miniature ├ęclairs that had a delicious explosion of cream in the middle of them!  What were especially good were the chocolate covered strawberries. SO GOOD! Whenever there is a chocolate fountain, or anything chocolate covered, you better believe that I will be there! When I was younger, I was at a wedding with a chocolate fountain, and by the end of the reception, my face was covered in chocolate! I can’t get enough of chocolate! It was strange to say the least to see some of the professors showing off their dance moves, but the fun of formal is being able to be yourself and just have fun! We all knew that we were there to be with friends and just have a good time no matter how good your dance moves are. We were just wobblin’ the night away!


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