Friday, June 28, 2013

I’ve Got the Music in Me!

 I have had a summer that every college kid dreams of. I have had the opportunity to travel all around the Southeast and do nothing but go to camp! I get to minister in one of the most fun ways that I can imagine, all while representing the school that I love, Point! Although most of the weeks of camp are spent leading bible studies for high school students, canoeing, having campfires, and playing the ever popular game of man-hunt, my team and I have received a great change of pace. We have spent this past week on campus helping with Point University’s first-ever music camp!
            Now, I am not musically inclined to say the least. I felt incredibly out-of-place when I realized that these eight, nine, and ten-year-olds have more musical intellect than me at the age of twenty. However, the great thing about kids is that they don’t mind! I have been able to learn alongside nine elementary school students as we prepare for our final performance, which is tomorrow! EEEEK! We have played instruments, sang songs, danced dances, and just had a blast! The kids jump at the chance to come to camp every day and hang out with college students. And I have to say that I have enjoyed music camp just as much as them. I cannot wait to see each of their parents’ faces tomorrow as they watch the fruit of all the hard work that their children have been doing this week. They have all done an incredible job!
I guess it’s true what they say, “Time flies when you’re having fun!” because that’s exactly what happened this week. I have loved every minute of camp and will be sad to say goodbye tomorrow. However, I am glad to say that I was a part of Point University’s first music camp, and I hope to be a part of it for many more years.

Class of 2015

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