Wednesday, May 8, 2013


The end of the semester is finally here!! For some, summer could not have come any faster and to others it will be their last week as a college student. Time definitely flies when you are having fun. It was like yesterday, I walked in circles trying to find my classes at the new West Point campus. I believe that this year was one my toughest years so far at Point University. I have moved 4 different times in the last year or so and moving for the last time to West point was difficult for me. However, I managed to make the adjustments and stuck it out until the end.
There are so many memorable moments at Point University this academic year. The first highlight was that two students that I worked with at City of Refuge now attend Point University. Another highlight was seeing so many new students. Lastly, West Point, Valley, and Lanett residents offering big hugs, smiles, and cheers because you are associated with Point University. I believe that the local residents, churches, schools, and businesses have done a great job at making students feel at home.

What I have learned this academic year is to be grateful for what I have been given. There are numerous people who wanted to come to Point University but could not due to financial reasons, grades, changes, etc. My advice to current students and perspective students is to be grateful for what you have because there is someone out there who wishes that they had the same opportunities that you take for granted.

Do you have any special moments or what would you like to see the next academic year?

-Shani P. 

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