Monday, September 16, 2013

Music, Music Music!!!

Point University has a new baby, well it’s not actually a real baby, but for all of us percussion enthusiasts it might as well be. With the “new addition” of the Marimba, Point University now offers mallet percussion!  The marimba is about 5’ feet long, with beautiful rosewood keys that produce an ethereal sound. I know you’ve all seen the videos of percussionists either playing or simply “showing off” with four mallets, now you can be a show off too with the instruction of Mr. Deron Garing.
Our new “baby” is located in one of our many soundproof practice rooms along with hand drums from congas to djembe. Since the marimba is such a special and costly piece of equipment, each percussion student will be assigned a key for the semester. We like to call that our all exclusive V.I.P. access! It’s just our way of telling our students that you are important and we admire what you do and we want to make sure that you have the proper equipment to keep doing what you love to do. Having the marimba is such a plus when it comes to percussion recitals, because honestly who can sit through an hour of just drums. It will bring a new element to performance as we know it.
Welcome to the audio and recording engineer program at Point University, or as we call it, Music Tech 2. Point now offers classes in audio production and recording for those looking to record and produce. The technology lab is where Music Tech classes are held, as well as Sight Singing and Ear Training. The Music Tech class teaches students about sound equipment from mixers to what kind of microphone to use in an Orchestra pit, running sound for concerts, how to set up a studio, and pretty much anything you need to know to land a job in the music tech field. 

Here each student is assigned to a computer programmed with music software from Finale to Sonar so that students can create and compose their own music, and even produce their own tracks. Attached to each computer is a Midi-keyboard for easy transcription, a Roland digital sequencer, and a five channel mixer for plug-ins.  The classes are taught by Mr. Jeff Earle who has worked and still works in the audio recording industry. His knowledge of software programs and equipment will prepare anyone interested in the tech side of music. The man is truly a genius! Music Technology not only challenges the mind, it inspires creativity and teaches you to become a more aware and precise musician.


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