Monday, August 18, 2014

Ross Haralson: A Grassroots Approach

As the Director of Enrollment at Peachtree City’s Point University campus, I’ve had a bird’s-eye view of the processes we use here at Point to help Access students succeed in their chosen programs and the outside world. Time management is a critical part of this, particularly since many of these students are juggling work, education, and family. Offering a variety of class times, including several night classes, allows students to stay on top of everything they have going on.

We also provide education about education; guidance and counseling programs can help students who haven’t been in the classroom for several years adjust to the new educational playing field. Educational methods and techniques are constantly changing due to technology, and even students who are only a few years out of school may have trouble navigating. Students can be eager to take on as much as possible, but our guidance services caution against this; set yourself up for success by taking small steps!

The Point community goes beyond the school grounds. Our instructors have worked in their fields, often in the local area, and we strive to maintain and enhance our ties to the community.  For instance, we’ve had a licensed professional counselor whose office is only ten feet away from his Point classroom.  We also have instructors who are pastors in the local churches, such as at New Hope Baptist Church. These connections give students the opportunity to network and gain valuable real-world experience.

At Point, we understand that your life isn’t necessarily focused around school. You may have a job, family, hobbies, and other interests. That’s why we emphasize flexibility; if you want to spend all your time on campus, great! There are plenty of ways for you to get involved and enhance your educational experience. But if you’re all about convenience, the Access program has the options you need to succeed. 

-Ross Haralson 

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