Monday, March 31, 2008

City of Refuge and more

So last week was pretty amazing. We had our Community Ministry Day for the 3rd semester in a row and it was another great success. Attendance by students and faculty was not the best it has ever been, but we still had an amazing turn out and got a lot of work done. I was with a group that got to walk a mile and a half through the ghetto, picking up trash all along the way. Our leader had told us that it should only take about 30 minutes to walk to this place while picking up trash, but knowing ACCers, we are really faithful to picking up trash, after 30 minutes had passed we, were still far away so we had to end up throwing our bags into the back of his truck and just walking straight there because we still had a lot to do there. When we got to the apartment complex, we split up into groups and went door to door, letting the people know about the City of Refuge and inviting them to the cookout we were going to put on for them at the complex later on that day. I was in a group with Vice President Huxford and Michael Gunnin from the business office, it was really fun. After we finished going door to door, we set up the cookout in the little picnic area they had at the complex. At first it looked like no one would really show up, but then we had a good turn out and gave away a lot of free hot dogs. The community was very appreciative.
Community ministry day is always a fun and great experience which not only benefits City of Refuge and the Simpson street community, but also the community at ACC. That day had helped us to get into the mode for the Global Missions Conference that is going on on campus this weekend. We are really getting excited about all of the students from other campuses, activities, and speakers we having going on. It is going to be really busy and really fun.
School is going good for me now. This week is a little busy and I have 30 verses to memorize for an Acts test this Friday. Sunday nights is going good and we are just having a blast in our dorm. With the Braves starting up now, I am sure we will be at a game each week. Over half of the school went to the season opener. GO BRAVES!

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