Monday, March 31, 2008

Hot dogs, missions, and celebrations!

There are a lot of things that can become stale about school. The usual stuff such as assignments, tests, early mornings, and not to mention the cafeteria food. However, I find it refreshing that ACC is always doing something. Whether it's Spring Ministry Day or gathering donations for tornado relief, it's pretty great that I never have to question if we are concerned with the lives of our fellow humankind.
This Spring Ministry Day I spent a few hours raking rocks and soil in preparation for planting seed. Kinda figurative don't you think? I also helped set up and serve at a barbecue station at the end of the road. I believe we served close to 300 hot dogs, chips, and drinks. It's funny to me that churches are attempting to draw people in with concerts and light shows, yet something as simple as a hot meal will work.
Yes, God can work in mysterious ways, even sometimes through mysterious meat.

Some other updates include the Global Missions Conference coming up this weekend. We're having some great speakers come who will be hosting workshops on a variety of topics related to missions. I look forward to sitting in on the workshop discussing poverty/AIDS/HIV since it will help prepare me for Kenya this summer. On topic with Kenya, I have close to 1/6th of my financial support raised. I need half of it raised by mid-April and all of it by May. I should be praying right now, shouldn't I?

One more fun update... Today is Mr. Feeny's 81st birthday. He was a father figure to half of my generation. Celebrations are in order!

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