Monday, April 7, 2008

Matthew 18:3 & 28:19...

Greetings from what should be called Hotlanta. Instead, we have cold, dark, and rainy Atlanta today. As mentioned last week, we had the Global Missions Conference at school this weekend, with missionaries from all over the globe flying in to speak to us. Friday night and Saturday morning we had students from Georgia Tech, Auburn, and Georgia State come for the seminars, so the campus was pretty packed out. Doug Kallestad and his wife are missionaries in Chile through CMF, the organization I'm going to Africa with. They shared with us how they were called into ministry and what our role should be in global missions. Outside of the seminars, we had other fun events going on. Friday included some Guitar Hero action, some Wii action, a bonfire, and a fun Open Mic Night in McKinney's following the service. Overall, the weekend was just another reminder of what the hands and feet of Jesus can look like around the world. Plus, when else am I going to see some fellow classmates perform "Gangsta's Paradise" on an acoustic guitar?

Furthermore, ACC never ceases to surprise me. You know how Jesus talks about becoming like the little children in Matthew 18? We take that seriously here at ACC! For example, this year our fall Freshmen and Transfer student orientation was hosted at Chuck-E-Cheese's. I witnessed Mr. Huxford, ACC's Vice President for Student Development, take a spin on a few rides over orientation. It was a priceless moment in my college experience. However, last night may have raised the bar. The Sunday Nights team hosted... SPAM night! Events included: a Spam eating contest, a Spam parable carving challenge, a Spam taste test, and a Spam tower building contest (using only toothpicks). Ok, I'll admit, I couldn't bring myself to touch the stuff. But I loved every minute of watching other people do it!

In one weekend: Global missions, "Gangsta's Paradise," and Spam. I'm never leaving college.

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