Friday, March 21, 2008

Finally it works!

Hey there guys!
My name is Alex Pennington and I'm a freshman at ACC. This is my first post only because I have had the hardest time ever trying to get this to work! But luckily now it works and this the first of many posts for me.
So I had the most stressful week, I had a project due in Educational Foundations and it seemed to take up all my time this past week and I had two tests and I was just stressed out! My project went well and I didn't do too bad on it. I'm just very glad it's finally over. Now I get to move on to the next huge project and I get to look forward to all the "awesome" tests in the next six weeks! YAY Anyways that was my week nothing great happened but hopefully in the next few something more exciting will happen and I wont be a boring blogger!!!

'Till next time!!

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