Tuesday, March 18, 2008

School choices.

Spring break came and went… however it was a wonderful and memorable week for me. I turned 21 and got engaged on the same day, very exciting! Last night after my Geography test I went out with some of my cool ACC friends and celebrated my birthday, again. Ha-ha. I would post pictures, but I procrastinate with things of that nature. Sorry. Anyways, I’m sitting here in my college budget decorated dorm, which I might add looks pretty good. Except for the clothes and school books I haven’t unpacked, yet… I have a test on Wednesday and I feel pretty confident for it. I have some library hours to put in and I also help tutor on campus. I enjoy helping people and I think this is why God has placed me in this environment and has given me the chance to keep growing in his word and will. I am not 100% sure what I want to do as a career, because of that I have changed my specialization within my major, again… lol. I have switched from literature specialization to interdisciplinary specialization, which is a mixture of history, music, philosophy and literature. I think I will be much happier in that specialization. I also have a head-cold, but I am moving through it. It will be a short week since we have Good Friday off and we will celebrate the Risen King on Sunday!

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