Monday, April 21, 2008

Some teacher appreciation...

I came to visit ACC last March during my spring break. I left Philadelphia, where it was 22 degrees, in a sweater and winter coat. I got off the plane in Atlanta, where it was 70 degrees. I almost had a heat stroke.

Perhaps one of the most significant things I remember from my campus visit was my admissions officer telling me about the student/professor relationships. My guide informed me how different our professor are from most; they are drastically involved in the lives of their students. This concept stuck in my mind because it was not the case at my community college.

I am here a year later to report this is in fact TRUE. The relationships you will establish with your professors at ACC will be amazing. At my previous college, adjuncts were the majority of the teacher staff. Therefore, none of my professors had office hours nor were they willing to meet with me outside of the classroom. I could not have discovered a farther opposite here. ACC professors make themselves available to you. And perhaps more importantly than that, they genuinely care about the details of your life. Just on Friday I had two professors (who's classes I am not even taking) ask me about my fund raising for Kenya. Another professor asked me to meet him in his office; when I got there he encouraged me about my summer and prayed over my plans to serve in Nairobi.

The student/professor relationships. It is something to consider before you spend a significant amount of money on your education. You will get everything you need here from the ACC faculty and you will get more. You will find yourself mentored by the Godly men and women who lead this campus. And if you don't find this to be true once you come here (and I know this post has persuaded you to)... I will buy you a muffin and explain this in another post!

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