Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Just Bloggin

So, we can definitely tell that it is beginning to be spring time around campus. Not only is the weather warming up, the birds coming out to sing, and the pollen painting everything yellow, but everybody is starting to come outside. For the past week, every time I have thought about just sitting in my room for the afternoon and taking a nap or getting some projects done, I have just stepped right outside my door to find a lot of people in the yard. All of the girls bring their blankets, books and music out there and study or chat. But the guys go out there to have a different kind of fun. We throw footballs, Frisbee, play golf (using different objects around campus as "holes"), play freeze tag and pretty much just anything else you can thing off. The best part is that none of these activities are planned, everything just happens on random, it is great. I have never played golf before today, but my roommates brought out some clubs and balls and we played. I almost drilled Katie with the ball, pretty fun, I think she was upset.
People are just constantly doing things around campus. This past weekend we had out first ever Global Missions Conference which turned out a whole lot better than I though it would. I was part of the team who was planning the event and with all of the rain that came in, I thought our whole weekend would be ruined. But we worked stuff out and ACC people and students from other schools stilled made it a fun event. Plus we got to hear some pretty cool speakers and learn about missions. I also got to catch up with some old friends who go to the University of West Georgia, so it was a fun time.
Also, Dr. Billy Strother, the Preaching Professor of ACC, preached in chapel this morning. I have taken 2 of his classes and he told us to make sure and grade him the same way he grades us when we have to preach in his class. He broke a few of his own rules, but he will just say it is okay to break a rule when he knows what he is doing. I can't wait til Friday. The thing about Dr. (Bow tie) Billy is that the week of finals last semester, he was involved in a motorcycle accident and almost lost his leg, he almost lost his life. He could have just spent this whole semester sitting at home in his wheel chair, enjoying the injury pay, and just feeling sorry for himself, waiting to walk again one day. But no, Dr. Billy gets up, and with the assistance of his wife, Mrs. Carol, she dresses him, loads him in the truck, and takes care of him all day, everyday. She helps unload him at school and he spend every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings teaching classes. He actually has another surgery coming up that will bring him closer to walking so please pray for him. But his whole sermon was about playing hurt, how everyone is hurt in some way and we must be sensitive to this. It was a very good and inspirational sermon. It will probably be available on the ACC podcast.
With only 4 weeks left of classes, I am ready to get out but at the same time, I do not want it to end because I will be in England all next semester. So, I guess I will just have to make the best of times.

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