Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Nicole. I am a sophomore here at Atlanta Christian College and I'm working toward a Bachelor of Arts in Business. I'm involved in a couple of things here at ACC. I am part of a team for Sunday Nights service. Also I'm the social chair of the sorority, Sigma Alpha Omega, on campus. It is a lot of fun and basically I just plan and execute all social activities for the sorority. Some different socials we have done are pumpkin carving, valentine outing, Braves game, and other fun things! Here's a photo from when we went to the Braves game last season. But with just those two things it may not seem that I'm not that busy but I am. With those two things, plus trying to handle classes and to not be a hermit around campus my life here at ACC can get quite busy at times. Especially these next couple of weeks because papers, projects, and different homework assignments keep coming up. I also have the sorority retreat and the school formal this weekend. Next weekend I have the sorority formal which I am so excited about! I just pray that I can make it to finals in the beginning of May...Hope you guys are doing great:)
write to you soon,

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