Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It really exists....

Have you ever been sitting around with friends, family or just by yourself late at night and been hungry? I know I have. And if your a human being then you have been in this predicament probably more than a few times. Well me, I'm a Georgia boy born and raised, so Chick-fil-a runs in my blood. I will just about always say yes to a chicken sandwhich and warm waffle fries. In fact, I'm not sure I have ever said no.
So I'm sitting in my dorm room a few nights ago, Facebooking like any good teenager would do when all of the sudden my CLM (Campus Life Minister [equivalent of a RA]), AJ comes running down the hall. And when I say running I mean like full on sprinting down the hallway. He is screaming in this tongue that I have never heard (later I found out it is the tongue spoken in only when its time for midnight food). He just about football tackles my door open and is just yelling something I can barely understand.
"Cole lets go! We are going to D Hou!"
"D Hou dude! Its a 24 hour Chick-fil-a!"
At this point my face light up. Could it be true? A CFA that is open past 10pm? Its something only spoken of in a teenage boys dreams when he is still watching movies at 3am.
"AJ, are you serious? Dont be playin with me right now! If you're serious of course I'm going!"
People, he was serious. AJ spent the next few minutes rounding up some more of the guys from Roberts Hall to go. In his excitment to get to "D Hou" (which by the way is the short term for Dwarf House) AJ left me! I told him I would meet him in the parking lot because I had to get shoes. I was gone maybe 45 seconds and he left!
Luckily, another CLM whos name escapes me was going. I arrive at this magical place of 24 hour chicken sandwhiches. It was the most beautiful thing I have seen in my life, well, close to it anyways. But it gets better...they were serving breakfast. Now you gotta understand how I see a CFA. Its good. In fact it might be the best. But its 1000x better in the morning when you can get what is called a CEC, a chicken egg and cheese bagel. Im standing there already amazed that this is real, and then my heart just explodes in pure joy when I see a sign that reads: "This Chick-fil-a serves breakfast from 11pm-10:30am". There are no words to describe the awsomeness of that.
After a few long minutes of waiting I am sittng next to 2 of my classmates, Steven and Kyle, and I'm chowing down on my CEC and chocolate milkshake. I over hear from AJ that Storm, another classmate, was suppose to be coming. He was following another group of students who he thought were going to D Hou but in fact lead him to McDonalds. So AJ is trying to give directions to Storm on how to get to D Hou. I drift out of that conversation and back into the one at my table.
Time goes on and everyone finishes eating and some people begin to leave. A few cars pull out and then someone says "Well we can't leave, Storm is still trying to figure out how to get here". This jogs my memory, oh yeah where is Storm. Skip ahead about 10 minutes and Storm and his group walk through the door. Storm looks like he just weathered the flames of hell and he is gunning straight for AJ. He walks up to AJ and in the most serious voice I have ever heard looks him right in the eye...."AJ you give the worst directions, EVER!" The whole room erupts in laughter strong enough to injure someones stomach. After it calms down AJ says:
"Dude I told you exactly how to get here."
Storm, "Oh yeah AJ, does this sound very helpful to you....(immitating AJ) Yeah Storm, I have no idea where that street is your on but go up to the next light and turn left, HAHAHA. Click."
AJ apparently was trying to tell Storm where to go. Which doesnt work very well when you have no idea where someone is and something funny had caught his attention and he just hung up. Storm said he used up about a half a tank of gas that night just running around Atlanta looking for D Hou. His adventure took him all the way by Turner Stadium, across to Georgia Tech, and finally after almost an hour to the famous 24hour CFA Dwarf House.
So yes my friends. The 24 hour chicken sandwhich is real. It exists. It is fantastic. It is fun. It is gut wrenchingly funny. And you can have it whenever you want with the CLMs leading the way at Atlanta Christian College

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Val said...

You're blogging! And eating Chick-fil-a at midnight!:) Sounds like a great start!! Keep writing..and I'll keep reading! Mrs. A