Thursday, August 27, 2009

Now I remember what college is like...

Wow! Last week was so great. We went to Centennial Olympic Park and played some awesome Ultimate Frisbee, and we even had a few new people come play with us. As we were leaving, it started to rain, so some people were hanging out under the World of Coca-Cola building while waiting for the buses, and some guy asked them to be in a movie! They called us and we all got to be in the Coca-Cola movie for the new building. Crazy times.

Well this week, there was no holding back. It's back to studying hard, and being a college student again, with homework and a part-time job. Tonight we had the first official meeting of the ACC Creative Arts Team, and there was such a huge turn out. We've got a lot of talent and so much potential, now we just have to show the school what we're made of. This blog is gonna be short, sorry. Like I said, I have homework to finish before I go to bed!

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