Sunday, August 30, 2009

three day weekend comming up!

Well it's Sunday and I have to admit that I'm working on some homework that I left to the last minute. Last week was the first full week of classes, so there is plenty of homework and studying to get to. Tuesday I went to watch some of the girls' soccer game. It's cool when there are home games during the week, because it's easy to make time to go watch the games. On Saturday there was a dodge ball game in the gym. I'm useless at dodge ball, but it still was a lot of fun. After the game me and a few friends went to lunch at Zaxby's. I tried to do some homework that night, but kept getting distracted. So today I went home for church, had lunch, took a nap, and now I am trying to get all this work finished so I can go to bed a little earlier tonight. I can't believe it's only the second week of school and I already feel like I'm behind. This week I have a lot of stuff due, but thankfully there is a three day weekend to look forward to!

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