Monday, September 28, 2009

Did I Mention Fun?

Warning: This post consists of many parenthesis and apostrophes and may be confusing to one expecting perfect grammar. *smiles*

When I tell people, "I'm a motivational speaker; mostly to young people" they're usually pretty thrown off, as I am only 17. However I know that even at 17, I may or may not ("may or may not" once again meaning "totally") have a lil' somethin'somethin' to say (Because of God, of course :) ).

One thing that I love to put emphasis on, specifically when speaking to young girls, is their - our - worth. It's so important for young, and older, girls to know their worth!! We somehow got to this topic and briefly talked about this in my d-group (small discipleship groups on campus) today... it's. so. important and is one of those topics that is really close to my heart.

I say all this to defend my choice of a good movie. (PS - this is partially sarcasm.)

Usually when people say, "What's your favorite movie?" everybody says a random romantic comedy or an intense action/drama film. Me? Princess Diaries 2! And apparently Storey and Mandy think the same. They're both students @ ACC and I'm hanging with them watching this incredibly cheesy yet amazing Disney movie. How can one resist?? (Answer: one can't.)

I guess movie watching is just one of those things that many people like hence the every-other-Wednesday movie night we have here on campus. Last movie night we watched "Nacho Libre" starring Jack Black - AMAZING! Everytime I see this movie I continue to quote it for days after...
I am also elated for this coming Wednesday: "The Brave Little Toaster"! I honestly don't remember much of this movie, except that 'Blankie' was my favorite character, so I cannot wait to grab some blankets, snacks and reminisce with everybody, ha. :)

In other news, I am taking a Developmental Psychology class and part of the course requires each student to go to a class with the Georgia Pre-K program for 1 hour a week for 10 weeks. Though we're in different Pre-K classrooms, my Dev Psych classmate Alicia and I go on Mondays and today was our 3rd week. It's crazy because I have noticed how the kids are starting to really open up to me and ask questions, tell me stories and I am starting to see how they're growing up in just 3 weeks.

I have approximately nine gajillion cousins and I teach the young kids at my church so I'm used to being around the little munchkins, but this is the first time where I know that I am looking for different ways different kids develop, you know? As I mentioned before, I'm a children's ministry major and I think this class will be a great asset to my degree and such.

Well, the climax of the movie is approaching and I can't miss it! ;) Crazy world you read this - thanks though. Come to ACC, ok? You can watch Princess Diaries 2 with us.


video you should watch:

P.S. All the Princess Diaries fans out there! Love the quote, "Make all the boy moose go 'WAHHH!'"

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