Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yes, I'd Like a Blog Entry, Hold the Metaphysics, Please.

This week, in Elizabeth-world, we're going to stay focused on Things I've Done and not so much on Things I've Thought, which I'm aware, can get somewhat boring.

Things I've Done, A List

1) On Sunday, I went to help a friend paint a house. It was a lot of fun but the downside? I went on Sunday, and I still have paint on my arm. Any ideas how to get it off? I've taken four showers since then. It's starting to look like a permanent feature of my arm.

2) On Friday, I took an Old Testament test. (Because I'm a nerd,) I'm going to gush a bit and you can ignore me if you want. There is nothing better than a teacher who knows what he's talking about, and who can make his subject interesting for his students. OT history is taught by Dr. Hooks, and he is an awesome teacher. He knows everything (slight exaggeration, but only slight) and he makes his (admittedly somewhat dry) subject meaningful to your everyday life.. I look forward to his class every day, and good news for you guys! OT history is a required course for freshmen here at ACC.

3) A friend and I stayed up really late discussing the pros and cons of younger marriage from a Christian perspective. It's really interesting, and you should go check it out. The discussion was really good, but we stayed up WAY later than either of us intended, and I'm still trying to catch up on my sleep.

4) A group of us went to Oz (the local pizza place) for trivia night. This was our second night, and I've got a vendetta. There's this other team, and they call themselves the "Special Ones" (I know, right?) and... they win. Every night, they win, and eventually WE will beat them. Trivia is kind of my thing.

5) I'm still trying to come up with an equilibrium between studying and socializing. I'm a freshman, remember, and I've never LIVED with this many people before. In high school, you're with everyone from 8:00 to 3:00 and then you go home and you have to make an effort to see them again. Sometimes you make that effort, but most of the time you're just at home by yourself... doing homework. At college, it's different. You have to make a concerted effort to be by yourself, doing homework, and sometimes it's like a game of Where's Elizabeth? and all of your friends are determined to find you and distract you. In the cafeteria, people stop and talk. In the dorm, people knock on your door. In McKinney's there are always people passing through on their way to work out. I've had a bit of luck with the library. They have these individual desks and I've claimed one upstairs in the.... Wait. Clever. You almost got me. Tell, and have my last quiet spot taken away from me? I think not. All joking aside though, it's a challenge to get a good balance between socializing (which is FUN) and studying (which is NECESSARY and ALSO fun)

Okay, new list.

Things I Have Not Done, A List

1) My paper for critical reading and writing that's due tomorrow after lunch. I'd better get on that.

OH! But before I go, I'm really jealous of Jamie-Grace who's got this awesome idea for a video of the blog post, and I'm going to blatantly copy her. This is the video of the blog post. You should go watch it. He sings well. And he's pretty cute. And BRITISH! (No, it's not Robert Pattinson)

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