Saturday, October 17, 2009

Excuse Me, Week...

Excuse me week, could you not just leave like that? Thanks. ;)

Listening to: Nothing, but Alabaster Box by Cece Winans is ringing in my head... lol

This week went by supa supa fast. So fast I barely remember it... but I do remember this weekend (because it's still here)!

There's an annual workshop here called "Christian Singers Workshop" for...well... hopefully you get it. ;) My sister and I both sing however only she was smart enough to register ahead of time... There are three sessions - Friday morning and night and Saturday day. I was asked to play drums for Friday night and when I got there I couldn't figure out why I hadn't registered. So this morning I did.

I won't go into detail because I'm kind of on my way out the door, but the workshop was really great. It's not only ACC students that come; there are high schoolers from other states and vocal coaches from 10 minutes away. It was neat to meet other kid singers and all, and one session in particular was amazing on "Improvisation" where we pretty much improved the entire time.

Also, the vocal coach that came to speak and lead the workshop is a professor from Belmont University in Nashville. She's worked with Daniel Kirkley, Melinda Doolittle...just to name two. Thing is, she wasn't about name dropping, but sharing her gift with everyone that came to learn more about their own.

I have to go now... I didn't proofread this entry or even check the grammatical errors as I went along but trust me - ACC didn't fail me in English 101 I'm just short on time.

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