Friday, October 9, 2009

So busy...

Wow, with the Creative Arts Team, classes, studying for midterms, and work, I never got a chance to blog! Fortunately, my absence from the blog has earned me all A's and B's! Well, except for one class, I have a make-up assignment to do. I'm so proud! Fall break is finally here though, and I'm enjoying spending time with my family at home. I haven't been back home since school started!

It's time to get the last half of this semester started on the right foot. I've decided to spend less time playing video games and chatting on facebook, and more time pulling those B's up to A's. I'vealso been very inspired to trim off a few pounds, and have started seeing fruit. Speaking of fruit, I think I'm gonna round up some home-town buddies and go to Planet Smoothie!

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