Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall Break! Yes! I

Considering I really want you (yes, you) to come and check out the amazing life @ ACC, I feel like I shouldn't be excited about the two days where school does not happen this week... however I am so excited. Ha. That's one of the good things about ACC, though: FALL BREAK!

We have Thursday and Friday off and actually some people had their Wednesday classes cancelled. My sister and I are planning to do some intense... sleeping! Haha and a little bit of homework, but probably some awesome guitar playing too.

WHOA!... I'm watching a movie (Ghostrider with Nicolas Cage...never seen it before) and did not know my friend has surround sound. Way to make the sofa shake... ;) But I feel like this is an important part of the film, so I'm gonna talk about school a little bit and head off to focus on the flat screen in front of me.

I skipped breakfast this morning (not OK!) and I so I was practically starving around 11. I honestly, truly LOVE chapel at ACC but skipped today because I really wasn't feeling good at all - food is a necessity, friends. Anywho, some friends of mine told me there were free shirts given away today in chapel of the new um.. I guess like school logo? And. it's. AWESOME! If you come for a tour, ask to see it k? :)

Also this week, met with my d-group as usual on Monday. I love my d-group so much. Considering I'm kinda young I just love being around older Christian people I can look up to. They're pretty neat. Gosh this movie's kinda scary...

Later Monday night I went out with some friends to see Toy Story 1 and 2 in 3-D - have you seen it? Feel free to comment me and let me know. I love those movies... especially Jessie, the Barbies and Rex. Awesome characters...

Tuesday was a pretty regular day, and like I said Wednesday was the start of Fall Break. But like every good thing that starts, it must end so I will be back next week as school picks up again on Monday. This movie will also come to an end, and I don't want to miss a bit of it, so I'll talk to you awesome people later.


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