Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Giving Thanks for Pop Culture Obsessions.

This week? Is the week that I lose my mind. I've got three tests, one of which is a final, coming up in the next two days and a response paper I need to write. Not to mention that Thanksgiving thing. I need to pack, get things ready to head home (and to take a LOT of stuff home with me. You'd be surprised how much I brought that I don't need), find some sort of peace and quiet because my mind is about to EXPLODE!! That's hyperbolic, by the way. My head isn't really about to explode (You knew that? Oh. Okay).

On the upside, and there is a very definite upside, I get a week and two weekends off for Thanksgiving. I've not been home for that type of time in a really long time. Not since September, when I first came here. I've been home a couple of weekends, but the majority of my time has been spent here, at ACC where I belong. I think we're going to my grandparent's house, in Kentucky, which is one of my top five favorite places in the world. It's a whole-family Thanksgiving, which is, in itself, something to give thanks for.

On the OTHER upside (and this side is a lot less sweet and "AW!" inspiring) Thursday night, the CLM's are taking a group of students to go see New Moon. Now, say whatever you want to about the literary merit of the Twilight series (I've said plenty myself) or about the increasingly disturbing nature of Bella and Edward's relationship (dude. Stalker much?), but you have to admit: you're all sort of secretly cheering for Jacob. And, hello, Miss "I'm a big kid who has real movie roles that don't involve dogs." I've never been to a midnight showing of anything before (thanks, Mom, for making sure I was in bed before then) so I'm pretty psyched about this extra bit of college freedom.

All right. I think I've exhausted my linking limits for this blog, so I'm going to go.... study... or something.

Video of the Blog Post? Like you're surprised.

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