Friday, December 11, 2009

so you mean school's over?

Could I just say... this blog will be a bit of, as my friend Cammie would say, shameless self promotion. It's awkward for me at times to talk about what I've done but I feel so blessed by God to have been put in the situation of being able to do some awesome work for Him. Having said that I'm gonna splurt out a few random things about my job and such. Ok... ok blog time!

About an hour ago I finished my last quiz before finals. If I got an A, I exempt the final in that class and I'm pretty confident in the quiz -hopefully I exempt!

Tonight is a ball at my church for married couples, it's pretty adorable I must say. My sister will be doing some photography of the event so I'll probably tag along, sneak some of their food... haha jk.... ish.

Tomorrow I don't know what I'm doing at all. At 1pm I'll probably watch TBN ( as there's this kid's show called "iShine KNECT" that I'm an actress/musician kid on. The show is so much fun! For serious. Can't wait for season 2.

On Sunday going to church, probably lunch with the family thethe ACC Christmas party! It's a 9, going alongside Sunday Nights. I'm so excited about doing the music for it because I. Love. Christmas!!! (Trust me, my Christmas blog will be so soon.)

Monday I have a final, Tuesday I have a final and hopefully I exempted the Wednesday one?

Off to chapel now though, one of the students here is preaching! His name is Kurt and he's really cool but I've never heard him preach. I think it's so cool that preaching students have the opportunity to speak in chapel, so I need to go to make sure I get a good seat for a good word! ...that was kind of cheesy.

Link to check out:
As the last blog here by Morgan pointed out: we're sisters. And the article above? Yeah, that may or may not be us.

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