Friday, January 29, 2010

Geeze it's early...

Yeah, so I'm not really the type to get up before 9 if I can avoid it, but my boss in the cafeteria asked me last night to come in and cook breakfast because the normal lady will be out of here I am, at almost 6 am, no classes until 2, and I'm looking for my first (of many) cup of coffee.

Haha, but it's worth it, because I know that everyone will appreciate it. Besides, I like to cook. I've been in the kitchen since I was 14. It also feels good that my boss can trust me to get the job done, it's a lot of responsibility!

Meanwhile, I've finally found my routine for balancing classes, homework, work, friends, and you know good ol' God. There were a few days last week that I didn't get to spend time reading my bible as long as I normally do, and it scared me a little that it would be that way all semester, but now that the dust has cleared, seems like everything will work out.

In other news, ALL of my roommates are graduating! I'm so happy for them, but that means I have no idea who I'll be living with next semester. That's something I'm gonna work on, finding some other upper-classmen friends to live with. Sounds exciting!

Yikes! I gotta get started on breakfast! See ya!

- Lawrence

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