Friday, February 12, 2010

Nah, I Just Have Tourette.

"Everyone in class agreed with what the psychology professor had said. Few would dare to blatantly argue with a college professor anyway, but in this case, his statement was true and the entire class could see that. Then, out of the corner of his eye he saw a girl shaking her head. It was Jamie-Grace, the 16-year-old college freshman. He called her out and asked if she disagreed with what he said... She didn’t disagree at all and didn’t even realize she was moving her head."

Reading that paragraph it could sound like it was my most embarrassing moment but as this year at ACC has talked about defining moments? Yeah, that was totally one.
That paragraph is actually an excerpt from the SUSIE Magazine, a Christian magazine by Susie Shellenberger for young girls. Unfortunately, I did not express to them it was actually a female professor - my absolute favorite professor here at ACC. And yes, it's not the best to pick "total faves" but Mrs. Sadler (psychology professor) gave me something my terrified-of-college 16-year-old-kid-self didn't know I could have. A voice.

I'm a motivational speaker, so I'm used to speaking up about Tourette and I'm open to any questions. However the idea of living on a campus with new people and seeing them everyday made me a little confused as to how I would tell people, when I would tell them - if I would.

(What was I supposed to do have a motivational talk at the beginning of the semester and talk about my experience with overcoming Tourette? Maybe... I'll have to talk to Mr. Huxford about that one... ;)

So when Mrs. Sadler asked me, the girl shaking her head, if I disagreed with the statement? And I did? I simply said, "Oh! I have Tourette Syndrome" and boom - it was out.

My little statement that always finds it's way into some conversation... My few words I hesitate to say sometimes... My phrase I can say in my sleep (and probably do)... My awkward statement that often causes disbelieve... it was out of the open.

As I said before, I'm very open about it, I just don't always know how to tell people. So the chance to say it righ there in front of the entire class made it perfect. I'd already gotten to know most of the class through orientation so they really didn't care or see me any different. It also helped because we briefly (briefly, btw) discussed Tourette in class and OMG it's awkward when that happens and people don't yet... it's like having a conversation with somebody and realizing, once you walk away, that it's their birthday! (I'm sorry Anthony Nasser, Gerardo Mancilla an
d John Aymerich).

*sighs* Well, it's about 1:20 AM (actually it's exactly 1:20 A-WAIT! 1:21) and I'm leaving for Nashville at 5ish AM. Eek! I'll be filming Season dos of a Christian TV show called "iShine KNECT" as well as going to a few meetings. Lots of sitting, waiting, listening - as well as singing, acting and following God's plan like whoa!!

So I should go now! To check out the full SUSIE Magazine article, visit or go to Barnes & Noble... Kroger... and look for the February Issue with Brandon Heath on the cover.

...WHOA! Guess time has wrapped around because I'm staying up so late?? I just got hungry and I am
not eating at this time unless it's a slumber party! Omg my 1991 is showing...

With lack of proof reading and sleep,

PS - my mom (our sis Morgan blogs here too) spoke in chapel Wednesday! You can hear her message ("Mona Harper") and all of the other messages this semester by clicking download here! (Archives actually go back to Spring 2006 - crazy, I know!)

PSS - that first picture is of me and one of my CLM's freshman year, Staci. We were hiding in my other CLM's (Adrian) room to surprise her on her birthday... I should blog about that story next. Total party at ACC.

- Jamie-Grace

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