Thursday, March 11, 2010

Trumpeting Prophecies

Honestly, Jamie-Grace, I feel the exact same way: my break isn't a break, but it is. I'm on break, but I'm completely stressing about what I need to have done when I get back to school. Observe the madness:

1. We need to have classes for fall semester picked out. Soon. Do you know how hard I've been trying NOT to think about next fall? Thanks a lot, registrar. It's so overwhelming. I've just scanned the list of classes being offered next year and if it's in my major, it's not for lowly sophomores, and between all this and the uncertainty of my career.... well. Moving on.

2. Can anybody say "Life of Christ test on the Wednesday we get back?" I guess what I said still applies: blogging is so much more appealing when I'm putting off something that really needs to get done. For the test, I'm memorizing Matthew 5:1-16, which is the Beatitudes plus a bit, which is what really needs to get done. Never mind checking facebook every five minutes (and ditto email), start memorizing, girlie.*

3. Dr. Strother is the man who never rests. I have an illustration due Monday morning at 8:00. It is the last one we have to write. EVER. That's a lie, but it's the last one assigned for this particular class, which is not a lie. He emailed my class and told us to have a "homiletic spring break." Just one question. What exactly does a homiletic spring break look like? Anyone? Anyone at all? No? Me, either.

Reasons Today is Awesome, a List

1. I watched Serenity, a movie based on the all too short Firefly series, on USA this morning.

2. I feel rested. I had the option to go back to sleep this morning but I didn't need to. Because I wasn't tired. Wow. Amazing, huh?

3. I'm meeting a friend for coffee this afternoon. Friends? Awesome. Coffee? Awesome. What more is there to justify?

Now, I need to put some socks on. My toes are cold. I leave you with a quote:

"The trumpet of a prophecy! O Wind,
If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?"**

The answer? No. It's not far behind, it's coming soon. Take hope, you winter weary travelers.


*Yes, sometimes I give myself third person pep talks.
**Bonus points if you can name that famous dead poet!

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Mrs. Dunn said...

Dear Elizabeth,

Your dead poet is Percy Bysshe Shelley. The qoute came from "Ode to the West Wind", line 70 ;)