Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the munchkin, the fair and the people on campus.

her name is Senuri! :)

She's the little munchkin I talked about in my last blog that I am sponsoring through World Vision. (i say munchkin in a good way…haha.)

She's two years old and is from Sri Lanka. I won't receive a letter from her (well, she's two… so her parents haha) for about 6-8 weeks but I can't wait for her to know someone's sponsoring her. Ahh! It'll be so exciting!

Hmm…well, in other news! I am excited about the rest of this week here @ ACC and just in Atlanta in general. Tomorrow two lovely people I know are flying in Atlanta and speaking at ACC's Special Event chapel on Friday. Jenna and Chrissy are both involved with The Revolve Tour/Women of Faith conferences and it's an all-girls chapel this Friday. Afterward I get to catch up with them a little but then I have to take them back to the airport… *sniff*

After that though, I'm hitting up the North Georgia State Fair. Hawk Nelson's playing there - yes! - and I'm in need of a fair calzone. Going with my sister Morgan (ACC '10), her fiance Patrick (ACC '09-10) and my friend Hana. We're probably going to laugh way too much, each too many turkey legs and ride too many rides. …YES!

Then on Saturday my parents, my sister, her guy and myself are all going to the Third Day, Max Lucado and more people concert. Can't wait. But I really, really can't wait for Sunday - my sister's bridal shower! Ahh!!

So this week/end is going to be pretty awesome(ly busy) and I'm stoked about it. Also about the hours I'm not hanging out because I'll be here hanging out with my friends on campus so what what?? Hoping to catch some movies with some girls on my hall, maybe even hit up the theater to see "You Again." - Bring on the weeeeeeek. …end.

Peace, yo!

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